This is ME!

I am a girlie girl, wife and a mommy to my sweet, beautiful babies, a daughter, teacher, sister and a friend.

Jesus has blessed my life more than I could ever deserve!


There are many things that make me, ME! I have always let the people in my life define who I am, but am starting to remember who I am as a person, which has made me love my family even more! I am on a constant road to self discovery! I am weird, and silly, crazy and dedicated. I enjoy music,  crafts, watching movies & TV, shopping, eating and just being with my family. If I were rich (which we will be one day) I would hang out by my pool everyday and paint (I will have a pool someday)!  Ice cream makes me happy,  especially cheesecake and mint flavors. 🙂


I try to dream big in a world of constant reminders of responsibility.


 Luckily,  I’m married to a man who has no limit as to how much he will impact and improve the world – he’s one of those people who sees the big picture. So with God’s grace,  our future is bright! Follow us on our journey of real life on the way to success!  🙂