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Pull Apart- Spotted Cow Cake

I wanted to make a spotted cow cake for my grandmother’s 91st birthday. I made a cupcake pull apart cake with spotted cow cake on the inside.

To make the “spotted cake”: 

I looked for white cake and the darkest chocolate cake I could find. I used Duncan Hines White and Dark Chocolate Fudge. For the cupcake liners I found white liners with little black flowers, the non fade kind.

I mixed both cake batters (in separate bowels). I took turns dropping little spoonfuls of the mixes in each cup. Don’t mix them together, just drop little blobs. Cook according to box- I suggest getting the same brand so the cook times are the same.

The white may appear “golden” out of the oven, but if you are frosting, this is not a problem- the cake on the inside, should still be white.

Let cool completely before frosting.

(I could also see this working for Zebra party, just by making srtipes with the chocolate batter.)

To make the pull apart cow cake: (For about 40 cupcakes, I used two cake mixes and 3 ½ frostings)  

Choose a board to lay the cake on. Make sure the measure the fridge (if you will be refrigerating) to make sure you have the room to put the board in. I used the lid of a storage container.

Cover the board with foil if needed.

Choose your frosting. I used 3 white frosting containers and one chocolate. Get the darkest chocolate possible. I used green, blue and red gel to make black.

Arrange the cupcakes in a cow shape, start with the head, add the body, legs, a tail, ears if you want and if you have lots of extra cupcakes- you could make grass.

Frost a thin layer of frosting with a knife. I held the cupcakes together as I frosted, in order to get them to stick together- make sure to frost in between the cupcakes.  The rest  can be frosted by spreading or piping.

Use black for the spots, feet, ears, hair, tail and nostrils. Use pink for the nose, ears and udders. Everything else will be white.