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Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

We recently celebrated my “babies” birthdays. Having their birthdays a month apart is a great reason to celebrate them together, espIMG_1546ecially at this age. My daughter turned 4 and my son turned 2.

They both love Minnie and Mickey right now- so we celebrated Mickey style. If you know me at all, you know I love to plan parties. I wish I had unlimited budget… but since I don’t… I had to make a lot of the party decorations.

One of the things I splurged on- mouse ears- which I bought on Amazon for a little over $1/each. There are tutorials of how to make them, I just did not think it was worth the time for me, this time. It was so worth it to see my 92 year old grandma, all the cute kids and all of our family and friends wearing mouse ears!

I went to the Dollar Tree for the table cloths (red and black), a few decorations (foil balloons for a dollar is a great deal- plus they have Minnie and Mickey), party favors (little books, bubbles, temporary tattoos and candy). I also got some craft supplies, poster board and tape. I made all of the centerpieces, out of printed paper and kabob sticks- and rocks in baggies covered with tissue paper for balloon holders.IMG_1465

One of the things that was most important to have at this party for me- was a photo booth- Gotta show off the cute mouse ears. Since I could not afford a party booth, I made my own. I used an old TV box (but you can make any kind of large appliance box work). I cut a slit in the back, and an opening for the picture part and covered the outside with poster board to make it look like Mickey. Red  on bottom, black on top. Added Mickey ears on top (we stapled them on) and white “buttons” on the bottom.

We had a “Hot Dog Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog” Bar- with all the Hot Dog fixins. We also had “Minnie’s Bow” Italian Pasta salad. Along with chips, drinks, fruit salad and Brownies.

I always make a birthday board with all of the kid’s favorite things, size and fun things that they do- so we can remember as they grow.IMG_1515

This party was so fun. The photo booth and ears really let everyone feel involved in the party- which is an important for a good party.