The New Year…

Well, January has not been off to the best start for our family. Jason had a bad cold and earache for 3 weeks and ended up needing antibiotics. Evan got sick, fever and throwing up then ended up in the ER due to possible UTI- his sickness turned into a cold. Aimlee and I got sick the next week, fever, chills and bad,  bad cold.  Both kids got pink eye and have had their colds almost 2 weeks so far. Jason is now having a food poisoning or a stomach bug. Anyone who knows me, knows sickness is my extreame fear and panic zone.  So, for the next few months we are going back to hibernating –  I was a bit more lenient, and see where it got me? Ugh! So- planning to have these kids homebound as much as possible for the next couple months. Apparently, this is one of the worst flu seasons in a long time- Yep!

As discouraged as I have been-I  am not letting this define my year. If anything- I have learned and gained more confidence and within my abilities- with a lot of grace from God. This year,  2018 is going to be a GREAT one! The things I would like to focus on are…. Priorities and Balance.  This is the year that I get it right. Put my effort the most in my family (#1 priority)- to focus my effort on making my family and my home better…. Making my home where I want to be the most. Balance is one of my biggest struggles. It has been hard for many years for me to know what I want or need- as all my energy, time and effort has been spent on my family. One of my biggest fears is that I will get so sick, and won’t be able to take care of my sick family. So for many years, I have had a hard time even determining what I need and have not taken care of myself. I have been through numerous sessions of counseling and now am on an anti-anxiety medicine. I feel like I finally can think like a “normal” person does. While my fears are still there, and still sometimes my anxiety is out of control- atleast the “rest” of my time is spent feeling mostly normal and “happy”.

Since, having this improvement in my life, I have been able to see my needs and even wants- and even stick up for my point of view sometimes. I feel like sometimes I am having “too much fun” without my family. I spend all week excited about the one night I am going out, then while I’m gone I feel guilty. When I am finally able to have fun and not worry- it’s only a matter of time until the guilt sets in,  if I stay out later then expected or am out with people who Jason does not particularly fond of. Almost like when I have fun—I feel guilty- if I am not having fun with my family. So- I need to balance my thoughts and actions. Jason has been pretty generous about letting me go out- so as long as I am making smart choices while I am out- I should have no guilt.

I need to find the balance that works best for my family and me- but either way- my time with my family should be the part of the week that I look forward to the most.   And when I do go out, I need to make sure I make sound and safe choices.

So this year… My Priority of my family and home will be because I want to, not because I have to…  and my balance will be taking some “selfish time” for me- just enough to stay sane and enjoying it while I am.


Joyous Season of Christmas!

The Holidays came and went so quickly this year. Thanksgiving was spent our Traditional way- a service of many faiths and the day with Jason’s family. We went to my Gram’s house in the evening and played Rumicube until 10 PM with her. It was such a wonderful day. Then we, of course, went Black Friday shopping. I love the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems so crazy sometimes- but I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas! I love the season of giving and baking and parties and those beautiful Christmas lights.

It is important for us to remember the real ”Reason for the Season”- Jesus’ birth. Aimlee was able to participate in her first Christmas pageant at Church. She was “Wise Man #1”- which was BIG excitement for us. We learned a lot about the Wise Man so she could play the best character she could. She had lines and everything. Proud Mama right here! Evan was supposed to make a Special Appearance as a sheep at the Manger- he decided he did not want to be a sheep. SO he sat with us in the pew- his sheep costume next to us- and his “Special Appearance” was dancing barefoot in the aisle during the last song- luckily our Church people are pretty understanding and think he is kinda cute.

The one thing that really makes Christmas, “Christmas” for me- is the Candlelight Service. The Christmas music, the darkness of the room, lit by candles and that moment when the world holds still and it is officially Christmas! I got to go with my Gram to her church this year. Spending these special moments with her- mean so much to me!

This year Aimlee was so excited for Santa to come. Last year I was not sure how the Santa issue would play out this year: ( ). She is very observant, so I made sure to wrap in paper that she had never seen. She wrote Santa a letter asking him for one thing this year… so we decided to make the investment in the Doc McStuffins Nursery. It has been worth the investment and to see the joy she has everyday when she takes care of her babies. I’m not sure that Evan cares as much about Santa yet, but sure liked his presents.

As 2017 came to a close- I end the year with gratitude for God’s continual Grace on me and my family. Most importantly for a year with minimal sickness (only one pukey kid, one night), allowing us to spend another year with my Gram and for God’s blessing and Grace far beyond what I deserve.



Life just goes so quickly…

Apparently I only have the time and motivation to Blog every 6 months.

Summer was a blast and my favorite part of the whole year- just like it always is…


We stay busy during the summer months and spend as much time outside as possible! We chase the shade around the house. The kids love riding their bikes, playing the water and exploring outside. The sunshine is therapy for me and I feel so happy on those warm sunny days.



Aimlee took swim lessons for the majority of the summer months, so after lessons I let them play in the baby pool for an hour- makes for a calm afternoon. Aimlee learned to swim under water and I had some fun one on one time with Evan.


Some of the highlights of the summer were two road trips, one to Idaho Springs and one to Wyoming to see the Solar Eclipse. We went the Renaissance Festival and a Green Day concert.


During the Fall months I focus on spending every moment we can enjoying the end of the warm whether. We go to many Fall festivals and enjoy the season of pumpkins. Jason does not participate with many Fall activities since his allergies are pretty bad during that time of the year.



The highlight of the Fall for me, was getting my braces off! Even though my teeth are not 100% what I thought they would be, I am still so happy to not have that gap anymore. I feel so blessed to have had the life long dream of braces!


Summer Already?!

It has been a super crazy busy 6 months. I have had 2 jobs for half a year now and have been working almost 40 hours a week and getting only 1 days a week off. I don’t know how mommies work full time. I was so exhausted. My Beauty Advisor job just ended last week, so I am getting to work Part time for now. Yay!

I had surgery at the beginning of June and have been struggling to just heal. I feel guilty for resting and laying around. SO I am trying to focus on that now that I finally have more time.

Summer is my favorite season of the year and today it officially arrives. I am so excited. I want to do so many fun things this year, I just hope I have the energy to play this summer!

During the past crazy few weeks we celebrated Jason’s birthday, Father’s day and will celebrate our anniversary this weekend. Jason has already gone on several motorcycle rides with his dad and brother. I spend almost everyday outside with the kids playing in the water table and baby pool. They love water!

Evan has been into T-ball for the past few months. So we got them a T-all set and he loves to play with his “bat and ball”! He is obsessed with his motorcycles and takes them outside to dinner and bed with him. He is also in to “swording”.  He uses hangers or anything else he can find to play swords with. He has also been “very TWO” lately.  He says “no” and has his own opinions about everything all the time. Almost like he is an individual- LOL! He is very opinionated about is outfits and hair. Which I secretly like because maybe he will be a good dresser- Ha! He still has the cutest and sweetest smile. Evan has been sleeping through the night every night since I have had surgery. I think it is because Daddy is putting him to bed- this may be the new norm.

Aimlee has been interested in art and crafting lately. She would pretty much rather do that then anything else. She has been doing really well on her math and language works in school. I try to do school with her 2-3 days a week, when we need something to “do”. She does struggle with getting impatient and frustrated, so we are working on that. She has liked going to church and being involved in the children’s activities. I am trying really hard to put my fears aside so she can enjoy being with friends and learn about Jesus!  She is so grown up lately and I love it. We are working on her temper though. She gets so upset and impatient. It is fun watching her learn new things- she is so interested in everything and asks so many questions.

I try to find little joys in each day since I am unable to do to many things yet while I healing. I am hopeful that I will stay busy this summer and get to many fun things! I am loving the sunshine!


YAY Spring!!

Well I am beyond happy to report that we survived another March without sickness in our family. Jason did have a cold and a sinus infection, but atleast but the kids never got sick and NO ONE had the tummy bug!! Our God is so good and he keeps blessing  me more then I could ever deserve. I am so thankful!

So now that we are almost to mid April, Spring has sprung and I am very optimistic that it is going to be a beautiful season with the anticipation of the warm summer that is coming! I love this time of year, there is so much hope!

I have been excited working on Aimlee with school lately. She is learning so much and almost always likes to do school. This week we used Easter eggs as her addition manipulatives. I have been using crafting as a good incentive to get her “hard” math or language “works” done. Some days she gets both math and language done- but usually just one or the other for now- she is only 4- so I try to not push her too hard, but rather encourage her. I have been starting to research homeschool Kindergarten programs- preparing for the Fall- can’t believe she will be in Kindergarten!!!!

So pouty after a temper tantrum!

Even has suddenly decided he is TWO and wants to be a part of the “Terrible Two” group of toddlers. He has always been such a sweet boy, and still is- BUT now he likes to throw full blown temper tantrums. Usually it’s about wanting a certain shirt or color cup- or a toy at the store or not wanting to get buckled in the car. Some days I do not even know what the problem is. Jason says he does not thrown tantrums for him- apparently he just saves those for me.  All I know is there is a lot of tears and screaming and then suddenly about 10 minutes later he is perfectly fine. I’m hoping this is a quick phase! He is still so cute though- even when he is screaming. It is hard not to laugh sometimes- or cry too!

I have been so busy working 2 jobs for about 2 months now. Hence the infrequent posts.  Most weeks I work 6 days and a little over 30 hours. I don’t really want to work 2 jobs-(who does ?!) but it is what we need to do for now. I have been working early, early in the morning and on evenings and weekends- I am super thankful that I get to spend the weekdays with the kids and do school and play! I have been super tired though and LOVE getting a day off!

I am super disappointed and discouraged about my weight and motivation the past few months. I wanted to lose 10 pounds a month ago and still am only 0-2 pounds depending on the day. I feel like I am eating healthy and always hungry- which to me would mean I should be losing a little- ugh! I really need to start working out consistently. I started a weekly dance class so hopefully that will help motivate me. Some days I just give up on dieting and think “I don’t care because I am frustrated”. I am hoping to see some results or motivation soon!

Jason has been gaming quite a bit lately. Watching him play is so funny to me. He gets so passionate and loud- and if you know him- that is not usually what he is like at all. He is really good at gaming though! I try to be an understanding wife and let him play without complaining too much- since that is what he likes to do for fun! I do miss talking to him or anything on the days/weeks that he plays non-stop while he is at home.

Well, I am so excited for the Spring weather and fun holidays and activities to come! I am so grateful for the blessings of God and the hope of each day! YAY SPRING!!!!

Welcome to March!

Welcome to March! My most dreaded of all the months in the year. In March’s previous, I have experienced extreme panic during the month of March (including child sickness and death). Last year at this time I was in counseling and it was a hard month. It had been a year, at that time, since I had one of the roughest months of my life. My counselor helped me learn to take each day at a time, then a week at a time and I was able to survive March last year without any problems. So, here we are again. I am so happy to report that I do not have the same concerns this March. I am a little concerned that something will happen, but am trying to stay positive. I am trying to focus on the beautiful things that are coming… Spring, warmth, better health and pink nail polish! I love Spring. There is something so inspiring about the “new beginnings” that can happen in Spring time. I am trying to stay focused and busy with better things. I pray long and hard for God to “get me through this month”.

One of the things I am trying to use to keep my mind occupied, is getting into shape. I set a goal to lose weight. My goal is to lose 10+ pounds by March 25. I gave myself 2 months and now it is the beginning of March and I have lost NONE.  To be fair I have been eating healthier but not necessarily less or working out regularly. So let’s see where I will be in a month. I am officially dieting AND eating better.

Honestly, I just need something the keep me occupied as I make it through the next month or two. Once it is May, I feel like “me”.  Not so worried and so much more fun!!!!

I am so thankful for the blessing of health that God has blessed my family with. That is the most amazing blessing. I pray that the blessing continues.

My Belly Runnith Over…

It’s that time of year again. Starting to think about eating better, being healthier and of course, losing weight. I had great success for the amount of work I put in last summer. I lost between 15-20 pounds by dieting alone. It’s amazing how being aware of what you eat can make a difference!

During the Fall and Winter I tend to stray away from dieting. We call it “enjoying” the season. The pie, mashed potatoes and gravy, cookies and my favorite… peppermint chocolate! I enjoyed the holidays a little too much, gaining back 11 pounds- yep- ELEVEN- since September. Do I have regrets? Nope, that pie was amazing! But it is time to get back on track… my completion is dull, my energy is down and my belly runnith over.

SO here is the goal… I would like to lose 10 pounds 2 months. January 25 – March 25. I plan to do my Isagenix shakes in the morning, a shake, string cheese and popcorn or salad for lunch and a light healthy dinner with protein and veggies.  I would also like to add in some working out too. Some cardio and ab workouts (which are my least favorite).  I just have to get over the initial feeling of hunger, getting my body used to eating less.

So I am starting out at 141 and would like to get to 131 pounds. Let’s see how it goes. I mostly want to bring health and wellness back into my body.  I need to get my mindset back on track. That is the hardest part for me. Once I am there mentally, I can do the rest.

So here is to the next 2 months, health and (probably most importantly) keeping me occupied until Spring!

It’s Hibernation Season

Something I learned in the past 6 months to a year is how important it is to know and share what is wrong. I have had a really hard time since I became a mother. I was a worry wart before I had kids, but having children has amplified that beyond what I could handle. After much counseling and now brain-regulating medicine I know am able to make sense of what my struggle is and what I can do to make it better. Before I tried to control every situation, but was unable to have the boundaries I needed and would worry myself sick and make my family crazy.

So let me start by telling you WHAT my struggle is… I am fearfully and anxiously afraid of people throwing up. So, the idea of my kids not being able to tell me if they are going to be sick, ensures so much worry and panic in me. Now that Aimlee is so verbal I am starting to feel more at ease with her, however I still have Evan and this is something that I worry about daily, hourly and even each minute. SO, my fear is that they will catch a tummy bug- period. Honestly writing, talking and even thinking about it about makes me anxious- my stomach hurts, I have trouble breathing and my body hurts and feels numb at the same time.

I can handle colds, injuries, surgery… anything…. except throwing up. It’s not just the cleaning up, but mostly the germs that go with it- in other words, fear that everyone in the family will get it. Surprisingly, I am not as fearful of myself throwing up, more just, if I am sick that I will spread germs to the kids or who will take care of them. Many of you may be thinking- duh Jason is there to help you. Nope, I don’t want him to help more then he HAS to. You see, I don’t want him to get sick either.

So the season is officially here, cold and flu season. I can deal with the colds and even the flu if it is the “cold” kind- just NO tummy bugs. Now that I am able to express what is wrong, I am able to make decisions to help me and my family. Part of this is setting boundaries, especially during the cold and flu season for where my kids go and what we do. So please try to understand that you invite us somewhere and we don’t go, we may be busy or this may be my way of “protecting” my family. Please know that we are so thankful for your friendship and love your family, but we just chose to not go this time.  If we do go, please do not feel offended if we wash hands several times. This helps me feel “better” about uncomfortable situations. Most of the time when we are with kids, I worry about sickness the whole time- I feel like I don’t get to have fun anyway…

I know I may seem crazy, but can’t help it. This is me being honest. But to be fair the first tummy bug Evan ever got, landed him in the hospital in the hospital for almost a week (with what the doctor’s assumed was a bacterial  infection, but could never say for sure).  The first time Aimlee got sick, she got the Rotavirus. It was the most horrible week in my life (and hers too).  Even before my kids got sick, I use to worry about Jason getting a tummy bug and was a basket case when he did. I can’t help the way that I feel about this, if I could… I would.  Sometimes I wonder why God had me be a mother, as this is a serious struggle for me and makes me question all of my motherly decisions.

You may feel sorry for my kids, because we don’t go to public play grounds or other fun kids places very often, but trust me- we have lots of fun. “Clean fun”- Ha ha!  Some of you who know me really well, know that I have made a lot of progress and we did a LOT of fun things this summer. Aimlee was in dance, swim and gymnastics. We went a couple carnivals and play dates. Jason is having trouble understanding why I am not as “care-free” in the winter months. I suppose this is just due to the higher chance of getting sick and everyone is all cooped up inside.

I am already crazy paranoid, which is the reason for this post.  I am hoping that my wonderful , fellow mommy friends will understand this is just who I am, and that I am so thankful for your friendship. I am always up for adult coffee outings J For my family, I know you may think I am crazy, but thank you for those of you who support my feelings and paranoia. I can ALWAYS count on my mom for her help.  I am hopeful that this will get better when the kids are older and can tell me how they are feeling. Until then, I take each day and try to not put us in more situations then is needed to cause worry.

Thank you to those who are understanding!


Lots of Fall Fun!

20161025_132718 20161025_123454 As much as I always dread summer ending, the Fall is always a fun time of year. We have been able to lot of fun things this Fall. It is always so pretty this time of year with the leave Falling and changing. My husband and I spend a lot of time taking family pictures in October. He is really talented and stays pretty busy.  We try to cram my birthday fun into any left over time we have. Check out some of his amazing work at  and

I have taken the kids to a lot of fun places this Fall. We went to our church Fall Festival and visited the pumpkin patch several times. We also went to a garden store that has many fun attractions (some are even free. 20161027_120550Both kids got to ride on a train f20161027_110659or the first time. We went around the garden shop. We also got to go through a kid’s cornmaze. We got lost (I have a terrible sense of direction), we never did find the end, but at least made it back out the front entrance.

It has been unseasonably warm- which I LOVE!!!!  We try to spend every afternoon outside for at least a couple hours. I also try to sneak in a few good photo shoots with my kids too. I even borrowed Jason’s camera when I took the kids to play outside at my Gram’s complex. They had so much playing in the leaves!

We have done some fun Fall activities for school and lot of baking too. We made popcorn balls and dirt and worms- kid classics! Adults totally love them too! We also carved pumpkins and went to a few Halloween parties. E20161031_174921-1van was a Lion, which he refused to wear until Halloween day. Aimlee was Elsa, of course. Jason was “Jake” fro20161031_1735340m the famous State Farm commercial. I was a Lolypop Fairy, a witch and a nerd (got to mix it up).

With October to an end now, we look forward towards the holidays.  Next comes  Thanksgiving.  I get to help my Gram host a lovely brunch for whoever wants to come. Then we spend the afternoon and evening with Jason’s family. I love all things Christmas and get to help plan our family Christmas party this year. I try to make the time to spend time with the kids having fun not just stressing about gifts. Who has money anyways. I really want them to have memories of experiences, not just toys.  Looking forward to this beautiful holiday season.


All Fun, this Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was great one! It was a long weekend due to Labor Day. Everyday was so fun! We really took advantage of having s20160902_142036ome time off work and just enjoying life!

On Friday Jason had to run some errands. So we made a day of it and went to Castle Rock. We went to a f20160902_150253ew shops and then to the Outlet Mall. The kids loved throwing pennies in the water fountain. They were excited to visit the candy shop and get a little treat. What a nice day to be outside. It was so fun doing something as a family.

On the way home we called Jason’s brother Jeremy. We invited to the mall a little closer to home. We spent the evening window shopping there after dinner in the food quart. Yum! The highlight was the pet shop, of course! Aimlee found a little kitten. It was so cute. The kitty kept licking our fingers.

Saturday morning I had to work, but Jason went on a Motorcycle ride. We had a family birthday party to go to on Saturda20160906_173337y afternoon. The rest of the day was spent with Jason’s family. Evan took a late nap and was awake until past Midnight in his crib. He was just talking and playing. The kids had a good day.

Sunday was such fun day for me. In the morning we picked the peaches off our peach tree. I got to go to Elitches in the afternoon with a few cousins and my friend/BIL  Jeremy. Most of us had rain tickets, so were able to get in for free. We had a little bit of a slow start, but it was a BLAST! We decide to do the water park since it would be the20160904_173853 last time of the season. Then met up with a few more cousins and rode some fun rides.  It was packed from the holiday and the rides were so long, so we did not get to ride as many rides as we would have liked, but it was really fun!  I wish I could go to an Amusement Park everyday of my life! I love it so much!

Sunday evening we went down to the Taste of Colorado.  Two of my favorite buddies let me tag along. It was so exciting. We got to see Blues Traveler. It was a great show- wish we could have gotten closer to the stage.  The music was outstanding!  We a20160904_204619_1473049393638-1lso got to get some yummy food. I love being at yearly Festivals- the music, the food, the atmosphere… everything. I can’t believe that two of the things I love to do, but rarely get to- were on the same day. I was so thankful that Jason was willing to watch the kids so I could go have fun! He doesn’t care for crowds, rides or concerts- so it worked out ok.

Monday, was a productive one- in the morning. Got the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, groceries bought an20160905_174159d started to prep for the week. Monday evening I went to the Taste of Colorado with a couple of Family and Friends- so nice having a big family! We got to see the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. What an AMAZING show. It was really one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. It was a true Blues/Rock music lover’s dream. Kenny Wayne Shepherd has such an awesome gift. It was incredible to watch and hear him play. We got to see the show so close I could see his fingers moving up and down the guitar- true talent. Finished the night with ice cream.  So thankful my hubby let me have two fun nights in a row!

So now, it is back to normalcy. At least it will be a short week. Aimlee is very excited to start Preschool tomorrow  (at home)!