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Joyous Season of Christmas!

The Holidays came and went so quickly this year. Thanksgiving was spent our Traditional way- a service of many faiths and the day with Jason’s family. We went to my Gram’s house in the evening and played Rumicube until 10 PM with her. It was such a wonderful day. Then we, of course, went Black Friday shopping. I love the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It seems so crazy sometimes- but I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas! I love the season of giving and baking and parties and those beautiful Christmas lights.

It is important for us to remember the real ”Reason for the Season”- Jesus’ birth. Aimlee was able to participate in her first Christmas pageant at Church. She was “Wise Man #1”- which was BIG excitement for us. We learned a lot about the Wise Man so she could play the best character she could. She had lines and everything. Proud Mama right here! Evan was supposed to make a Special Appearance as a sheep at the Manger- he decided he did not want to be a sheep. SO he sat with us in the pew- his sheep costume next to us- and his “Special Appearance” was dancing barefoot in the aisle during the last song- luckily our Church people are pretty understanding and think he is kinda cute.

The one thing that really makes Christmas, “Christmas” for me- is the Candlelight Service. The Christmas music, the darkness of the room, lit by candles and that moment when the world holds still and it is officially Christmas! I got to go with my Gram to her church this year. Spending these special moments with her- mean so much to me!

This year Aimlee was so excited for Santa to come. Last year I was not sure how the Santa issue would play out this year: ( ). She is very observant, so I made sure to wrap in paper that she had never seen. She wrote Santa a letter asking him for one thing this year… so we decided to make the investment in the Doc McStuffins Nursery. It has been worth the investment and to see the joy she has everyday when she takes care of her babies. I’m not sure that Evan cares as much about Santa yet, but sure liked his presents.

As 2017 came to a close- I end the year with gratitude for God’s continual Grace on me and my family. Most importantly for a year with minimal sickness (only one pukey kid, one night), allowing us to spend another year with my Gram and for God’s blessing and Grace far beyond what I deserve.



Life just goes so quickly…

Apparently I only have the time and motivation to Blog every 6 months.

Summer was a blast and my favorite part of the whole year- just like it always is…


We stay busy during the summer months and spend as much time outside as possible! We chase the shade around the house. The kids love riding their bikes, playing the water and exploring outside. The sunshine is therapy for me and I feel so happy on those warm sunny days.



Aimlee took swim lessons for the majority of the summer months, so after lessons I let them play in the baby pool for an hour- makes for a calm afternoon. Aimlee learned to swim under water and I had some fun one on one time with Evan.


Some of the highlights of the summer were two road trips, one to Idaho Springs and one to Wyoming to see the Solar Eclipse. We went the Renaissance Festival and a Green Day concert.


During the Fall months I focus on spending every moment we can enjoying the end of the warm whether. We go to many Fall festivals and enjoy the season of pumpkins. Jason does not participate with many Fall activities since his allergies are pretty bad during that time of the year.



The highlight of the Fall for me, was getting my braces off! Even though my teeth are not 100% what I thought they would be, I am still so happy to not have that gap anymore. I feel so blessed to have had the life long dream of braces!