Summer Already?!

It has been a super crazy busy 6 months. I have had 2 jobs for half a year now and have been working almost 40 hours a week and getting only 1 days a week off. I don’t know how mommies work full time. I was so exhausted. My Beauty Advisor job just ended last week, so I am getting to work Part time for now. Yay!

I had surgery at the beginning of June and have been struggling to just heal. I feel guilty for resting and laying around. SO I am trying to focus on that now that I finally have more time.

Summer is my favorite season of the year and today it officially arrives. I am so excited. I want to do so many fun things this year, I just hope I have the energy to play this summer!

During the past crazy few weeks we celebrated Jason’s birthday, Father’s day and will celebrate our anniversary this weekend. Jason has already gone on several motorcycle rides with his dad and brother. I spend almost everyday outside with the kids playing in the water table and baby pool. They love water!

Evan has been into T-ball for the past few months. So we got them a T-all set and he loves to play with his “bat and ball”! He is obsessed with his motorcycles and takes them outside to dinner and bed with him. He is also in to “swording”.  He uses hangers or anything else he can find to play swords with. He has also been “very TWO” lately.  He says “no” and has his own opinions about everything all the time. Almost like he is an individual- LOL! He is very opinionated about is outfits and hair. Which I secretly like because maybe he will be a good dresser- Ha! He still has the cutest and sweetest smile. Evan has been sleeping through the night every night since I have had surgery. I think it is because Daddy is putting him to bed- this may be the new norm.

Aimlee has been interested in art and crafting lately. She would pretty much rather do that then anything else. She has been doing really well on her math and language works in school. I try to do school with her 2-3 days a week, when we need something to “do”. She does struggle with getting impatient and frustrated, so we are working on that. She has liked going to church and being involved in the children’s activities. I am trying really hard to put my fears aside so she can enjoy being with friends and learn about Jesus!  She is so grown up lately and I love it. We are working on her temper though. She gets so upset and impatient. It is fun watching her learn new things- she is so interested in everything and asks so many questions.

I try to find little joys in each day since I am unable to do to many things yet while I healing. I am hopeful that I will stay busy this summer and get to many fun things! I am loving the sunshine!


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