Welcome to March!

Welcome to March! My most dreaded of all the months in the year. In March’s previous, I have experienced extreme panic during the month of March (including child sickness and death). Last year at this time I was in counseling and it was a hard month. It had been a year, at that time, since I had one of the roughest months of my life. My counselor helped me learn to take each day at a time, then a week at a time and I was able to survive March last year without any problems. So, here we are again. I am so happy to report that I do not have the same concerns this March. I am a little concerned that something will happen, but am trying to stay positive. I am trying to focus on the beautiful things that are coming… Spring, warmth, better health and pink nail polish! I love Spring. There is something so inspiring about the “new beginnings” that can happen in Spring time. I am trying to stay focused and busy with better things. I pray long and hard for God to “get me through this month”.

One of the things I am trying to use to keep my mind occupied, is getting into shape. I set a goal to lose weight. My goal is to lose 10+ pounds by March 25. I gave myself 2 months and now it is the beginning of March and I have lost NONE.  To be fair I have been eating healthier but not necessarily less or working out regularly. So let’s see where I will be in a month. I am officially dieting AND eating better.

Honestly, I just need something the keep me occupied as I make it through the next month or two. Once it is May, I feel like “me”.  Not so worried and so much more fun!!!!

I am so thankful for the blessing of health that God has blessed my family with. That is the most amazing blessing. I pray that the blessing continues.

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