Christmas Baking and Painting

The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s is such a busy time of year.  There are so many fun things to do! At the end of last year, I started a new job and worked for two part time jobs for the majority of the season! It made the days seem even busier. We still managed to bake and do crafts many times this Season. We hosted our family Christmas party, went to an ugly sweater party and had many fun days with our family.

The kids enjoyed many days of baking and cookie decorating for our family cookie exchange. I baked most cookies ahead of time and froze them until the night before. I mostly did cookies that did not need frosting with the exception of 2 batches of gingerbread for my kids to get to decorate. For them, I used the divided kid’s plates and put all the fun sprinkles and decorations on the plates. I used zip top baggies to put the frosting in for the kids to squeeze and decorate. My 4 year old did an excellent job with this. She was so proud of herself for the gingerbread people she created. Her cookies were voted #1 Best Gingerbread Cookies at the cookie contest at our family party this year!

One of the projects that I am post proud of from the Christmas season was some of the painted cans I  made for both decorations and game props. I had my family keep and collect cans for many months. I had the large size cans (that you get Nacho Cheese or Tomato sauce in) which I decorated for snowman which stood 3 cans high plus small one for the hat.

I also made 3 different cans: a reindeer (painted brown with a face and felt for the antlers and ears and a pom-pom for the nose). A Santa (painted red with a painted black belt and gold bended pipe cleaners for the belt buckle). The gingerbread girl is my favorite (got to have at least one girl). She was painted brown with a super cute face and a little brown bow. I also used some “puffy” fabric  paint to decorate her.

After making each of the big cans, I made corresponding matching clothes pins. I used matching paint, felt (for the antlers) and gold glitter puffy paint for the belt and colored puffy paint for the gingerbread decoration.

I also painted 36 smaller cans into snowman. These were stacks of 3 and I used egg cartons cut apart for the hats that I painted black. I painted faces on the smallest 12 cans, 3 buttons  on 12 cans and kept the last 12 all white.

I hot glued felt for the scarves and the hat décor. I think of the best things to do when painting faces is to make each one different and to add little white specks in their eyes.  I love that each snowman has their own personalities.

See what games we played with the cans here:

I really love painting. After the party, I kept the large cans and 5 small can snowman- I used them for décor for the table at Christmas for my 5 family. Each person had their own snowman and they loved seeing which face I chose for them. My daughter really wanted a girl.

Painting is defiantly a passion of mine and I am thankful to use it for decoration and fun that others can enjoy.



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