Santa- Spoiler Alert

One of the biggest decisions a parent will make around Christmas is whether or not they are going to participate in the tradition of Santa. Most parent, including us, tell their children about Santa and the presents and reindeer. I certainly have nothing against Santa- who doesn’t love that jolly old man? BUT I have had a real eye opener this year when my 4 year old daughter  was decorating the tree then said that her and her brother were “praying to Santa, thanking him for coming with presents”. WHAT?!?!

I defiantly have some work to do to help my children understand that we only pray to Jesus. We read many many stories about the manager and Jesus’ birth, but still Aimlee was so excited about Santa, like most children. We did the whole Santa thing for Christmas- presents wrapped in special paper with different handwriting and stockings. Aimlee looks up to the ceiling and says “Thank you Santa”!

SO, don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to take the Holly Jolly Santa away from my kids! It’s fun, its tradition, but is it terrible that I want to let my little kids know that Santa is not real, but rather just a holiday character, like Frosty the snowman? We can still get presents from Santa and stockings and sing “Santa Clause is coming to town” but I want them to know that the REAL reason for the season is Jesus and His birth- and THAT is real!!

So this is not a decision made, but rather just an expression of my thoughts. Who knows what will happen next Christmas. Just a really important reminder to me to help them understand the realness and importance of Jesus!

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