Lots of Fall Fun!

20161025_132718 20161025_123454 As much as I always dread summer ending, the Fall is always a fun time of year. We have been able to lot of fun things this Fall. It is always so pretty this time of year with the leave Falling and changing. My husband and I spend a lot of time taking family pictures in October. He is really talented and stays pretty busy.  We try to cram my birthday fun into any left over time we have. Check out some of his amazing work at http://jasonirons.com/  and https://www.facebook.com/jasonironsphotography/?fref=ts

I have taken the kids to a lot of fun places this Fall. We went to our church Fall Festival and visited the pumpkin patch several times. We also went to a garden store that has many fun attractions (some are even free. 20161027_120550Both kids got to ride on a train f20161027_110659or the first time. We went around the garden shop. We also got to go through a kid’s cornmaze. We got lost (I have a terrible sense of direction), we never did find the end, but at least made it back out the front entrance.

It has been unseasonably warm- which I LOVE!!!!  We try to spend every afternoon outside for at least a couple hours. I also try to sneak in a few good photo shoots with my kids too. I even borrowed Jason’s camera when I took the kids to play outside at my Gram’s complex. They had so much playing in the leaves!

We have done some fun Fall activities for school and lot of baking too. We made popcorn balls and dirt and worms- kid classics! Adults totally love them too! We also carved pumpkins and went to a few Halloween parties. E20161031_174921-1van was a Lion, which he refused to wear until Halloween day. Aimlee was Elsa, of course. Jason was “Jake” fro20161031_1735340m the famous State Farm commercial. I was a Lolypop Fairy, a witch and a nerd (got to mix it up).

With October to an end now, we look forward towards the holidays.  Next comes  Thanksgiving.  I get to help my Gram host a lovely brunch for whoever wants to come. Then we spend the afternoon and evening with Jason’s family. I love all things Christmas and get to help plan our family Christmas party this year. I try to make the time to spend time with the kids having fun not just stressing about gifts. Who has money anyways. I really want them to have memories of experiences, not just toys.  Looking forward to this beautiful holiday season.


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