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A Homeschool Mommy’s Tale: Twas the Night Before Preschool…

Twas the night before Preschool…  And the homeschool Mommy was up late… Preparing all the school tools… for her little homeschool mate!   Ha!

Tomorrow will be our fi20160906_113114rst official day of the Preschool 2016-2017 year. Aimlee is almost 4. We started doing Preschool in January and took a little summer break. She was so excited watching me go through my school supply cabinet g20160906_115401etting ready to start school. She kept asking to do the projects I was pulling them out, I told her she had to wait until tomorrow (got to build anticipation).

Homeschooling in a small space is not ideal, but can defiantly be done. Since we are living in my mom’s basement right now, we use the living room for many different rooms including my husband’s office and our home school room. We still have a 2 year old, so we use a baby yard across the room to separate the living room and the office/classroom- this helps the space feel more divided and keeps little fingers out of things that they should not be touching.  This also helps the space feel more private for learning.


I got two cabinets- you can go to a wholesale warehouse or one that recycles cabinets that were ordered incorrectly- and you can get a good deal. I use one cabinet for our book and school supply area. I label the shelves accordingly. I keep upcoming seasons and units on one shelf, things that she will be growing into (in a longer time frame), projects for cold winter days (sand, water painting, puzzles) on another shelf. I also keep our extra school supplies and books in there too. My husband put baby latches on that shelf to keep kids out of the supplies.20160906_114901

The other cabinet is for school “works”/projects. We are doing a Montessori concept, where the student get to choose their own work (with some guidance). They are responsible for  following all the steps, completing the work, cleaning it up and putting it away. On the shelves, I offer many works that get exchanged regularly. Currently, we have a Fine Motor grasping work using tongs, “pin punching” and Play dough . We have “I- Spy” for Phonics and a 1 to 1 counting work using small colored math blocks.

She also can do cutting, drawing and crafts- which we have in our Easel. Each day we will do sound lessons- until she knows all of her sounds. She knew quite a few at the end of Spring- so I am excited to see where she is with her math and Phonics. We will also be doing units- we are starting with “All about Me,”  “Family” and will be doing “Zoo Animals”- in a couple weeks around her birthday- when we plan to take a field trip to the Zoo. She will have a fun Scavenger Hunt to do there.

There is something so magical about a teacher watching their own child grow and learn. I am so grateful that God blessed me with the ability to teach my children. People keep asking me how long I plan to homeschool the kids. I know that it is right for us now, and I will take each year as it comes, and see what God has in store for us then.  I am excited to see what this first week of Preschool holds and looking forward to all the fun we are going to have this year!



Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

We recently celebrated my “babies” birthdays. Having their birthdays a month apart is a great reason to celebrate them together, espIMG_1546ecially at this age. My daughter turned 4 and my son turned 2.

They both love Minnie and Mickey right now- so we celebrated Mickey style. If you know me at all, you know I love to plan parties. I wish I had unlimited budget… but since I don’t… I had to make a lot of the party decorations.

One of the things I splurged on- mouse ears- which I bought on Amazon for a little over $1/each. There are tutorials of how to make them, I just did not think it was worth the time for me, this time. It was so worth it to see my 92 year old grandma, all the cute kids and all of our family and friends wearing mouse ears!

I went to the Dollar Tree for the table cloths (red and black), a few decorations (foil balloons for a dollar is a great deal- plus they have Minnie and Mickey), party favors (little books, bubbles, temporary tattoos and candy). I also got some craft supplies, poster board and tape. I made all of the centerpieces, out of printed paper and kabob sticks- and rocks in baggies covered with tissue paper for balloon holders.IMG_1465

One of the things that was most important to have at this party for me- was a photo booth- Gotta show off the cute mouse ears. Since I could not afford a party booth, I made my own. I used an old TV box (but you can make any kind of large appliance box work). I cut a slit in the back, and an opening for the picture part and covered the outside with poster board to make it look like Mickey. Red  on bottom, black on top. Added Mickey ears on top (we stapled them on) and white “buttons” on the bottom.

We had a “Hot Dog Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog” Bar- with all the Hot Dog fixins. We also had “Minnie’s Bow” Italian Pasta salad. Along with chips, drinks, fruit salad and Brownies.

I always make a birthday board with all of the kid’s favorite things, size and fun things that they do- so we can remember as they grow.IMG_1515

This party was so fun. The photo booth and ears really let everyone feel involved in the party- which is an important for a good party.




All Fun, this Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was great one! It was a long weekend due to Labor Day. Everyday was so fun! We really took advantage of having s20160902_142036ome time off work and just enjoying life!

On Friday Jason had to run some errands. So we made a day of it and went to Castle Rock. We went to a f20160902_150253ew shops and then to the Outlet Mall. The kids loved throwing pennies in the water fountain. They were excited to visit the candy shop and get a little treat. What a nice day to be outside. It was so fun doing something as a family.

On the way home we called Jason’s brother Jeremy. We invited to the mall a little closer to home. We spent the evening window shopping there after dinner in the food quart. Yum! The highlight was the pet shop, of course! Aimlee found a little kitten. It was so cute. The kitty kept licking our fingers.

Saturday morning I had to work, but Jason went on a Motorcycle ride. We had a family birthday party to go to on Saturda20160906_173337y afternoon. The rest of the day was spent with Jason’s family. Evan took a late nap and was awake until past Midnight in his crib. He was just talking and playing. The kids had a good day.

Sunday was such fun day for me. In the morning we picked the peaches off our peach tree. I got to go to Elitches in the afternoon with a few cousins and my friend/BIL  Jeremy. Most of us had rain tickets, so were able to get in for free. We had a little bit of a slow start, but it was a BLAST! We decide to do the water park since it would be the20160904_173853 last time of the season. Then met up with a few more cousins and rode some fun rides.  It was packed from the holiday and the rides were so long, so we did not get to ride as many rides as we would have liked, but it was really fun!  I wish I could go to an Amusement Park everyday of my life! I love it so much!

Sunday evening we went down to the Taste of Colorado.  Two of my favorite buddies let me tag along. It was so exciting. We got to see Blues Traveler. It was a great show- wish we could have gotten closer to the stage.  The music was outstanding!  We a20160904_204619_1473049393638-1lso got to get some yummy food. I love being at yearly Festivals- the music, the food, the atmosphere… everything. I can’t believe that two of the things I love to do, but rarely get to- were on the same day. I was so thankful that Jason was willing to watch the kids so I could go have fun! He doesn’t care for crowds, rides or concerts- so it worked out ok.

Monday, was a productive one- in the morning. Got the lawn mowed, weeds pulled, groceries bought an20160905_174159d started to prep for the week. Monday evening I went to the Taste of Colorado with a couple of Family and Friends- so nice having a big family! We got to see the Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. What an AMAZING show. It was really one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. It was a true Blues/Rock music lover’s dream. Kenny Wayne Shepherd has such an awesome gift. It was incredible to watch and hear him play. We got to see the show so close I could see his fingers moving up and down the guitar- true talent. Finished the night with ice cream.  So thankful my hubby let me have two fun nights in a row!

So now, it is back to normalcy. At least it will be a short week. Aimlee is very excited to start Preschool tomorrow  (at home)!