Getting back to “normal” and so thankful


Jason had such a bad headache- he had to have the room dark or have sunglasses


His new bear Joseph- named after the hopsital he was at- St. Joe’s

What a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Two weeks ago  Jason got a pain behind his eye. We thought it was a migraine coming on. Over the next couple days it developed into many more symptoms. We thought it might be a cold, but then there were signs that something else might be wrong. He went to the Doctor on Monday and he thought it was a virus or cold. Monday night he had cold sweats, a fever and was in pain. All of his muscles and joints were killing him. He ended up going to the ER. They thought he may have liver issues, but let him go and told him to follow up with his normal dr. On Wednesday he started showing more concerning symptoms and we called the Dr and he said to go to the ER right away (again)! By the time we got settled into his ER room he was so sick. He had no energy, had a terrible headache and his joints and muscles hurt so bad. They ran test after test, ultrasounds on his organs, Xrays and more blood tests then I have ever seen. They came in with actual bottles to collect his blood. He became weaker and more tired with each hour that passed. They ended up getting him admitted to a room about 1:30AM. There were still no answers. His liver was showing signs of hepatitis and many other concerning issues. He was so tired that when the doctors and nurses came in he could not even open his eyes to speak to them. By the time I left, they said that they were not sure what was making him so sick, but that they would be running more tests about 4AM and the Drs would be back around about 10AM. I went home to be with the kids (who my mom so graciously watched for me all night). By the next morning there were no more answers. He still had a terrible headache, but was starting to feel better. Once he was given medicine for his head and was able to actually think- he decided he wanted to go home. He had to walk around to prove he was ok to go home. We left the hospital with no clear answers- the doctors thought it may be Mono or another virus, but the tests would not be in for a few days at least. The next couple days were pretty rough, Jason did nothing but sleep. I had to beg him to drink and he only ate jello and popsicles. I have never been so excited to see him eat a normal meal (pizza) like 5 days later. On Saturday, he got a call saying that he tested positive for Mono an


His walk around the hall.

d that all the other test were negative. I have never been so relived in my life. I knew that Mono had a long recovery period, but to know that he was starting to show signs of improvement and it was not something life threatening was amazing. Our God is so wonderful and perfect. I am so thankful to know that he is always on my side. What would I have to hope in without Jesus Christ? I have used this as a life lesson to appreciate my wonderful husband. I have been a lazy wife, not giving as much attention to Jason as I should. This has taught me to be thankful and give thanks to God everyday for the things He has given me. There I a reason that all of this happened. Maybe that is why- I am not sure. All I know is that each day  for the past two weeks I have been so thankful for the blessings God has given me in my life.

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