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Summer Fun

I love summer time. There are so many fun things to do and it is so bright in the morning! I love that the sunset is so late in the evening too; it makes the day feel so long! I have been trying to give the kids plenty to do outside (in the shade)- to enjoy this beautiful weather. They mostly play in the water table. We got a baby pool for $3 last week, and will be using it lots too.

I am trying to make the most of each day of the summer. It never seems to last long enough. I know Fall is just around the corner.20160721_125844 I am starting to prepare for Aimlee’s school lessons and planning to put her in an extra curricular activity for early Fall. I am so excited to have a new pair of (super cheap and cute) cowgirl boots- which may make the season changing a little more tolerable. But for now, I’m enjoying each, sunny, hot and long summer day!

I hope to get out to the pool a few more times, spend a few days with friends, and get a little more of a tan.  I have been spending the past week or so, starting to plan the kid’s birthday party. Aimlee is so excited to help me make all the plans.

Evan has been learning new words each day. He recently has been showing how much he loves cows like his Gram! We even went to the Cow Appreciation Day at Chick Fil A.  Last week we had our first bee sting20160728_101917 when he stepped on a bee in the grass.  How many times can Mommy say “ let’s put on our shoes before we go outside”. Nope, we are almost 2, and so independent… Until we get hurt and then we want Mommy! So silly.

The kids love playing and learning each day. It is so fun to see what they will want to do! I have also enjoyed getting to do some of the fun summer things that I like to do too. Right now, I am just wanting to enjoy each beautiful day that God has made- and I will rejoice in it! 20160724_190238

30 Year Old in Braces

I was fortunate enough to get braces the pas couple weeks. I have wanted braces for as long as I could remember. I was really hopeful I would be able to get the Invisaline clear retainers, but after two consultations, was advised to get regular braces. Regular braces will be able to do things that Invialine wouldn’t be able to.

So far, iIMG_20160709_102432t has been worse than imagined. And Not only due to the mouth sores which haven’t seemed to get better, but I can’t chew regular food because my bite is way worse then I ever knew. My back teeth don’t touch at all with the braces on. So I have been eating a lot of smoothies, mash potatoes, yogurt and fish.

I feel so self conscious of the braces when I smile. Even though most of them are clear, I still just don’t feel like myself.  I don’t want to smile or talk because I feel like a little child and my mouth feels so dry and big-even bigger than usual.

None the less, I am still so so thankful for braces. I saw progress with the gap in my teeth in less then a week. Now, if only the other teeth would hurry and move. The orthodontist says it will be about 18 months- that sounds like torture. Hopefully I will get used to them. I just try to keep remembering that it is a blessing and to treat it as such.