Life in Music…

Isn’t it funny that a song can bring you to a completely different place then you are? I have just recently started building playlists of music- and have been thinking so much about my past (and future) and it is amazing how much a certain song can completely transform your thoughts and mood.

A  90s country song takes me back to riding in the car with my dad as a young child and I can still hear his voice singing the words- especially Alan Jackson or Randy Travis! Classic Rock songs, like some good ol’ Led Zepplin or Lynard Skinnard take me camping as a kid. Listening to a Sonia Data brings me back to middle school, where life is all about Discovery. And pretty much any Green Day or 90s pop rock song reminds me of high school, where life is all about fun and learning what the world might really be like. Some songs remind me of certain people that I have known in my life- and makes me thankful I  have a reminder of them, especially if they are no longer around. And some songs I just avoid, to not remember heartbreaking times in my life.

It’s crazy how so many songs, takes me back to an event that I remember as if it were yesterday. I don’t think you realize how much a song that you hear or love will represent that time period until you hear it and  remember. Makes me wonder what songs will represent this time in my life. Only time will tell.

It’s not only about the tune, although that is a big piece of it, but the lyrics speak to me and are so often what I need to hear. Music to me is so much more then something I listen to. To me it’s who I am.

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