Family Reunion

This past weekend we attended our family reunion. I have always felt like it was officially summer when we have our reunion. It’s a long standing tradition, that we get together once  year to celebrate the original family members and all of the family that God has given them. My grandmother is one of 13 children, so it is so interesting to learn who everyone is. It’s hard to keep track sometimes!

I get the pleasure of “helping” my 91 year old grandmother  and  mom prepare for the reunion each year. I love to help them choose their outfits and do their hair.  So for me, the reunion is a week long event. For some family members it is the highlight of their summer.


                                Bouncy house!! 

This year it was at my favorite location. It was at a park an hour and half away.  Just long enough to feel like a road trip, but not too long for the kids. Jason and his brother rode their motorcycles- (yeah, have I mentioned that he got a motorcycle? A topic for another time)- so that was exciting. We had a really fun time this year. I was a little bummed because there were some people that were unable to come. For the people that were there, it was really fun.

There were so many things for the kids to do. There was a little bouncy house with a slide that they loved. Unfortunately, as the mommy, I had to spend most of my time watching the kiddos jump instead of visiting with family, luckily many of my favorite cousins hung out with me in the grass. The kids jumped for hours! The food was amazing. I love the food at our reunions. Not to mention, that is was my cheat day and I loved every second of it!


               Lunch time!! My cute family!

One of my favorite parts of the reunion was when we went swimming. Not as many of us were able to go, but we still h


So excited to swim!!

ad a great time! Aimlee loved it. She would have stayed all day! She just wanted to independently swim with her water floaty. Evan was not equally impressed. He was already exhausted; he just wanted to be with mommy. I look forward to going swimming again and seeing if he likes it- because he loves the bath.


Road trip! The car load!

Overall, it was a wonderful day! I love spending time with my family! I’m so thankful that my little babies get to spend time with these wonderful people who love and care for them so much! What a great way to start off the summer!

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