Ch-Ch- Changes

It is absolutely amazing how much life can change in less then 6 months. In the past few months, we have sold our house, moved into my mom’s basement and had so many other changes I can’t even name them all. Usually someone would look at our situ2016-03-02 13.50.09ation and think of moving back in you2016-03-02 11.36.25r parents house as a step back in life, but is actually just the opposite for us. Doing this, will (hopefully) put us in an even better place then we would have been. We are just content being where we are now and plan to look for houses when the buyer’s market comes back around. We are so thankful to my mom for her help in letting us have this opportunity so we can save and get a leg up. Overall, it has been a great experience; of course it comes with some challenges. Mostly my biggest challenge is trying to keep the kids out of my mom’s hair more than needed. 😀  So that is a quick update on why I have seemed to have disappeared.

I feel like family life is finally starting to settle down. In the past couple months we have potty trained one kid, weaned and sleep trained another. I finally am starting to feel like an actual person, with more sleep- a lot more sleep! I also am enjoying their ever growing vocabulary! I like when we can actually discuss what is wrong. I have stayed busy with homeschooling my preschooler. It is actually fun and easy (more to come another day).

With my kids gaining independence, I also feel like I am starting to gain independence s well. I am starting to feel like a real person and not a mommy and wifey machine. I have been able to get out more on my own and do some of my favorite things… alone. I forgot just how much I love listening to music and driving. Sometimes I just look for excuses to drive! Thankfully Jason has been more willing to watch the kids. He even put them bed all by himself the other night- it was fantastic! More to come about my personal growth, another time. J

Just wanted to give a quick update on crazy life as I know it!



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