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More then Numbers…

Ah, I absolutely love the time of year. The weather is starting to warm up and the sunshine- oh I love the sun! I am so addicted to those beautiful warm rays. We spend a lot of time outside this time of year. The kids love to play on their bikes and in the water. They will get to have a sand table this year – thank you hand- me- downs! I slather the kids in sunscreen and put on their hats! I do try to keep them in the shade too- they are very pale! Not me, give me the sun- I know- so bad!

Usually about March I get crazy Spring Fever and start to prepare for the summer. This year, I wanted to achieve my goal that I set for my 30th birthday- to lose my baby weight. This is not typically something that I would share so openly, but I wanted to be honest. When I got married, I felt like I was at my  ideal weight. I was about 126- the skinniest I have ever been throughout my adulthood (which was really exciting because I my weight had fluctuated about 20 pounds in the 5 years prior).

As typical with married couples, I slowly started gaining weight and was about 145 pounds when Aimlee was born. I only lost about 8 pounds or so before getting pregnant with Evan. When Evan was born, I weighed almost 160. It took me over a year to get down to the high 140s (which is where I was when Aimlee was born).

I had wanted to lose weight, but never really had the motivation- in fact sometimes, did not care at all, and liked the way comfort food made me feel. J When we decided to move in with my mom, I knew I wanted to focus on achieving some goals- and losing weight was something that my mom and I both needed to do.

So, in March I started a program called Isagenix- . We do alter it as we see fit (typically just one shake a day instead of two), but have seen such amazing progress in just 2 ½ months. I started in the mid 140s and weighed in at 133 yesterday. My 30th goal was to get down to 135. The funny this is, my body is so different then it was when I was at that weight before- I of course have- what I call my “Kanga pouch” from my lovely babies, and my boobs seem to be smaller (ugh, really?). Best of all, I feel super healthy. I feel like I want to put great food in my body and keep out the bad.

Most importantly, I feel like I am able to make better and healthier choices that affect my whole family (minus my crazy picky husband) J. I honestly don’t care very much about numbers because I think what is important is how a person feels about their body and their health. Plus, I don’t feel like you can compare your weight to other people, as everyone has a different body style. I think it is most valuable to celebrate your little successes- no matter how small! So my journey will continue … we’ll see what happens. J

A Look at Progress

Life is funny. I think that is a true saying- “if you are not moving forward, you are standing still”. There have been very few times in life that I have been ok, “standing still”. I like to feel like have a goal, always.  While living at my mom’s I had three main goals that I want to achieve.

  • Financial Goals- get our family to a great place by the time we are ready to buy a house.
  • Focus on homeschooling my 3 year old.
  • Finally focus on my health, mentally and physically

Ha ha, my 3 Fs for the next few months to a year. Jason and I have been able to make some financial plans and investments that are still in progress.

I have had a lot of fun planning my daughter’s Preschool lessons. I plan to do many homeschool posts as things come up. She has been enjoying school and has been learning an amazing amount of material, in such a short time. The great thing about this goal is it is always being achieved and never being achieved- all at the same time! So, it is something that I can always strive for, but the possibilities are endless.

As far as my health goals. I have had some major break throughs in such a short time. Partially due to the fact that my children finally (most days) sleep through the night and that I have been in counseling and have now started a very moderate dose of anti-anxiety medicine- I finally am able to focus on my needs as well as my family’s.  My mental state is much improved and I feel like a “real” person now, instead of a “paranoid, crazy mommy”.

I have finally been able to recognize my own needs and desires through many months of therapy. It is somewhat empowering to know that I can make choices for myself and can be in control of my feelings. Something I have not been able to feel very much before, as I felt so controlled by my situation (whether my interpretation of what was happening was accurate or not).  What a great feeling.

I have also been able to start eating healthier. I have joined a shake program that I replace atleast one meal a day with a shake. I have been eating many salads and lean proteins, with healthy snacks for a little over 2 months now. What an amazing sight to start to see the difference in how I feel and look. I have lost about 8 pounds and still have a while to go, but already I feel so much better. The best part is that I have been able to make smart decisions daily. I have transformed my thinking to make the better nutritional choices and leave out the crap! However, I will never turn down a splurge here or there, I would not be ME if I did! 😀

I am looking forward to where these three goals take me in the next couple months. I love having something to strive for, even on my boring or lonely days it is nice to know I am working towards my goals.

Ch-Ch- Changes

It is absolutely amazing how much life can change in less then 6 months. In the past few months, we have sold our house, moved into my mom’s basement and had so many other changes I can’t even name them all. Usually someone would look at our situ2016-03-02 13.50.09ation and think of moving back in you2016-03-02 11.36.25r parents house as a step back in life, but is actually just the opposite for us. Doing this, will (hopefully) put us in an even better place then we would have been. We are just content being where we are now and plan to look for houses when the buyer’s market comes back around. We are so thankful to my mom for her help in letting us have this opportunity so we can save and get a leg up. Overall, it has been a great experience; of course it comes with some challenges. Mostly my biggest challenge is trying to keep the kids out of my mom’s hair more than needed. 😀  So that is a quick update on why I have seemed to have disappeared.

I feel like family life is finally starting to settle down. In the past couple months we have potty trained one kid, weaned and sleep trained another. I finally am starting to feel like an actual person, with more sleep- a lot more sleep! I also am enjoying their ever growing vocabulary! I like when we can actually discuss what is wrong. I have stayed busy with homeschooling my preschooler. It is actually fun and easy (more to come another day).

With my kids gaining independence, I also feel like I am starting to gain independence s well. I am starting to feel like a real person and not a mommy and wifey machine. I have been able to get out more on my own and do some of my favorite things… alone. I forgot just how much I love listening to music and driving. Sometimes I just look for excuses to drive! Thankfully Jason has been more willing to watch the kids. He even put them bed all by himself the other night- it was fantastic! More to come about my personal growth, another time. J

Just wanted to give a quick update on crazy life as I know it!