My 30 Before 30- The Results


My 30th Birthday Party


A couple weeks ago I celebrated my 30th birthday! Hard to believe I am actually 30! I still think of that as “grown up” which I don’t feel most of the time. I wanted to embrace my 30th year and make “growing up” fun and full of many memories. Here is a list of things I wanted to achieve before my 30th birthday. Some I still need a little work on, but hey- there is always a New Year’s Resolution! 😉

  • Lose 15 lbs– ok, well I lost 7 pounds! I started a workout routine that I have stuck to really well (with the exception of October, which has been a CRAZY month). I have never really been the work out type, so even 3-4 days a week on the treadmill is huge for me! I could have lost more, but I was able to have dairy again in my diet (I was restricted from nursing my son with allergies). I do not regret eating ice cream- that is for sure! J
  • Learn to Crochet– I would like to actually make something. I did learn how to do the round stitch in the beginning of a hat, so I would like to work on this more!
  • New/additional job– God is so good! I lost my job about a month after making my list and spent each week looking for the “right” job. I found THAT job and started this month- the week before my birthday. It is the perfect job for me- I am a Director for tutoring company- which is similar to an enrollment councilor. I will be working evenings and weekends (from home) so Jason will get he spend more time with the kids!
  • Paint something– This is something I have done A LOT in the past 6 month
    2015-07-16 22.35.09

    My favorite of the paintings I did this year

    s! I have painted many paintings for my house, a photo prop board and T-shirts for a race we “ran”

  • Try a new food- OMG, I Tried Tempura from Kakaro in July. I was amazing!
  • Finish Aimlee’s Scrapbook and get caught up on Evan’s– This was a huge goal! I am
    all the way caught up on AImlee’s except for a few pictures I need to get printed to add in. I have not started Evan’s yet, but I do have the pictures and book ready when I am ready to start! I am
    hoping to do more scrapbooking this winter!
  • Write 5 handwritten letters– I like writing letters and this was an encourager to send cards and letters to some of my family members.
  • Take a class- I took a painting class, 5 actually! I love the Painting and Sipping industry.
  • Learn to cook something new– I am trying really hard to expand our tiny menu of dinner options with a very picky husband. I have tried to cook 2 new meals so far- chicken enchiladas- that were amazing. I got the recipe from my aunt. I also made honey, balsamic green beans and chicken- that was pretty good too. No one ate either meal except me! It was sad! I am hoping to try new meal options that my family will actually eat.
  • Sing– Does the car count? I was hoping to rejoin choir at church, but with our crazy schedule, I haven’t made that happen yet. Maybe sometime soon.
  • Do something charitable– We donated to the church garage sale, instead of our own sale we helped someone with. We also gave money to a homeless person. I need to do more!
  • Something different with my hair– So in the past 6 months I have cut about 7 inches off my hair, made layers and tapering and have made 3 Peek A Boo Kool-Aid Stripes (dyed my hair with Kool-Aid)!
  • Wear something ridicules in public– I am pretty sure I do this at least once a week, but I spent a lot of time in holey paint clothes in public in the past 3 months.
  • Host a party– I am partied out! I LOVE party planning, but am ready to take a break! I hosted a 91st birthday for my grandmother, a birthday party for my kids, my 30th birthday and a baby shower for a friend of mine.


    Evans birthday party

  • Do a Bible study– I did a Bible study on how to find joy in the day to day life.
  • Organize my pictures and scrapbooking stuff– This was a huge process, but I spent like 3 weeks sorting and organizing. All my scrapbooking, craft and stamping stuff is organized
    . It is wonderful to know where things are!
  • Do something outside my comfort zone– I currently take Aimlee to Awanas every Sunday night. This is very much something outside my comfort zone. I am always so paranoid my kids are going to get sick, so group play and learning in a Preschool type environment is a germ zone in my head! Each week, I ask God to help me focus on the amazing things she is learning. She has already learned 4 Bible verses, among great lessons! Plus loves her friends and teachers.
  • Wear my good clothes (and get rid of my old ones)- I have been really trying to do this. I always wanted to “save” my good clothes for special occasions, so I have clothes that I have never worn. I have gotten much better about wearing my good clothes.
  • Enter a contest– I entered a painting contest, didn’t win, but it was really fun!
  • Do something special for my husband– My husband is obsessed with the video game Destiny. On the night the yearly update came out, he was going to get up at 2:00am to play all “night”, I made him a kit with all his favorite foods to enjoy all night. (I also have a fu2015-07-18 17.43.10n evening planned when we can get a babysitter for something fun, instead of a need).
  • See a movie– In July we took Aimlee to see the Minions movie-her first movie, it was so fun!
  • Visit my grandmother every week– I did really great on this all summer long, and hope to more now that I have a set schedule with work. I saw her today, it was so fun!
  • Plant something– Well, we did not do any gardening or planting this year at all, however we did cut down trees and I spent a lot to time in the yard doing that. I also watered the grass like 4 times. 😉
  • Go an entire month without spending any money (on anything other then bills, food and gas)- We have not had a lot of money to spend on other things lately, but we haven’t gone completely without spending money- so I would still like to do this!
  • Sell something– Jason and I worked together to sell some equipment from my step father. We were happy the machine went to a good home. It would make Bobbie smile from Heaven.
  • 2015-07-25 19.49.56Walk a couple times a week– I have not this nearly as much as I need to. The kids love to go for a walk and it is good for me to get out! New Goal!!
  • Have a girls days out– some great friends and I took a painting class, I also went out with my cousins (“sisters”) for a craft class and lunch.
  • Get messy– I have done a lot of baking and it’s amazing what a mess frosting and food dye make! My hands were stained for a whole day!
  • Memorize 10 new Bible verses– I have been really excited learning more verses. Aimlee and I sing her verses in the car and at home, so I get to memorize all of her verses too!2015-10-10 16.44.47
  • Celebrate! That we did! J

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  1. Woo hoo! You’re a rock star for accomplishing all those goals! And watering the grass totally counts as planting something. 🙂

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