I just want a “normal day”!

Sometimes God gives us reminders to be thankful for all the “normal” days in our lives. We got a reminder this past week.

We thought our sweet boy was teething. He was grumpy and whiney starting last Tuesday. I noticed he was sleepy and had a fever when it was time for bed. He woke several times in the night with his fever- even though I gave him Tylenol. Wednesday was a sad day- we thought he must be getting his baby molars since his fingers were in mouth and he had a fever. His fever was so warm- and I was trying to not give Tylenol around the clock so I used cool cloths to help him feel better. We were up most of the night- and he threw up for the first time in his life. It was horrible. If you know me at all, you know my phobia of my loved ones (and everyone in the world) throwing up. It is something that absolutely freaks me out and is the worst (except a life threatening illness) for me! Thursday when Evan woke up, I gave him a bath and started to clean up again when he threw up again. That was it- OH NO!!!!! It really was a tummy bug. I knew my paranoia was for a reason!

He ended up not be able to keep anything down, so I ended up in the doctor’s office so they could give his a quick check up since he had a fever for three days and was getting dehydrated. The doctor ran some tests and was a bit concerned about his hydration. She had to do a catheter to check for a bladder infection. That was traumatic.  She advised us to take him to the ER at 8:00PM in the evening if he had not had the adequate amount of wet diapers.

So at 10:00PM, there we were in the ER of Children’s Hospital. Now, the germ-a-phobe in me freaks out in a place like that. There were like 4 kids threatening to puke there- OMG! Seriously, it was a struggle to be there and felt so contaminated. Once we got to an actual room we worked on hydrating- which did not work. We eventually had to get an IV to hydrate him- and that was traumatic! It took 3 locations to find a vain that would work…

Not much progress was being made and when 4:30AM rolled around we learned we would be getting admitted and getting a room. This was a huge shock! WHAT? We came in for fluids. We were moved to a room. I was so happy we were there.

Friday and Saturdays were hardest days. Evan was so lethargic he just laid down, showing no interest in toys or anything. The most he would move would be to get away from the nurses coming to give medicine or take vitals.

On Sunday, they finally had a diagnoses, C-Diff, a bacterial infection in the gut. They were still not sure if it was a virus that led to all this, or the C-Diff that made him so sick, We started antibiotics and Evan was  feeling  much better on Monday. He ate some, and started to move around a bit. He even played for tiny minute. So, on Tuesday we came home. He is still not 100%, but is feeling much better.

I am so so thankful for the wonderful Hospital and the amazing nurses. The doctors are great too, but the nurses are amazing people. Even though I know it is “their job” to come check on my son and to help him, but I am still so so thankful! What an amazing career to chose. God made special people nurses!  I know I am so thankful!!!

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