Where have I been?

So the fact that I have missed a few weeks of blogging, is a good indicator of how heavily I rely on my phone reminders. My reminder app stopped working and I lost all my weekly reminders. So here I am…

The past couple weeks, I have been preparing to throw my grandmother a birthday party. It was cow themed. Her name is Elsie, so she has always collected ‘Elsie the Borden Cow’ items.  I enjoyed preparing the many party decorations and food. See the Spotted Cow Cake and the Photo Prop Board.2015-07-06 13.34.01

In other news, I had to get a mole removed and get stitches. I’m such a baby! I had stitches when I was like 3 and after child birth, that’s it! This really hurts! It’s starting to itch now- so hopefully it will feel better soon. I get the stitches out in two weeks.

The kids are doing great! Evan has been having a little trouble sleeping, but he seems to have a little stuffy nose- so maybe that is why. Aimlee is finally recovering from a little cold she had. She still has a cough though. Other then that, they are learning and growing every day! Evan is eating crackers and cheerios!

This week, is catch up and clean week! Wish me motivation!

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