Our First All Day Outing (with babies)

This week we went on our first all day adventure with two babies- and we survived. It was so fun too! We went to the Rocky IMG_3023Mountain Air show. The US AF Thunderbirds were the highlight of the day.

It took hours, the night before making sure we had everything we needed for a 2 year old and a baby for an all day- outdoor in- the- heat- event. And we had everything we needed- amazing!

It was a lot different attending an event like this with kids- that’s for sure! I feel like I spent most ofIMG_3031 my day, baby watching- but it was so worth it! We all had a fun day!

IMG_3033Aimlee got to experience a lot of firsts. First time riding the bus, first time playing in the sand, first time walking in the “beach” water and first air show (except for the one she was in my tummy for). She even liked watching the Thunderbirds. I don’t even think she minded the noise- she laughed and said “that’s loud”.

Evan did remarkably well for his first all day outing. He sat in the stroller (in the shade) most of the time, playing with his toys and watching everything around him. The funnieIMG_3027st thing that happened all day was Evan falling asleep while the Thunderbirds were flying over. I even nursed him during their part of the show- that was a new experience. Nursing while sitting in the sand and gigantic, loud jets flying over.  Both kids slept great that night. I told Jason we have to go to the air show everyday!!

885614_10205731348656634_7776035705070864458_oThe majority of Jason’s day was spent taking pictures- and then going through them at home. I think he took more then 6,000 this weekend- he got some amazing shots! Sometimes I forget just how talented he is.

It was defiantly a very fun day!

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