2015-05-16 13.18.02A lot of the past week was spent outside. We have been thankful for the morn2015-05-13 17.34.55ing sunshine and have stayed warm and cozy inside during the rainy afternoons. The theme for this week was trees! We worked on cutting down trees at my mom’s house one day and our house all weekend- and when I say “we” I really mean strong men, but the kids and I were there to help by watching and playing!

The highlight of the weekend was getting the kids a wagon! We haven’t had a lot of time to take the kids 2015-05-16 17.56.57around in it, hopefully the weather will warm up! They loved the little trip around the house we took though!

Aimlee is learning to be so independent! She is loving doing her daily chores- fee2015-05-17 15.02.21ding the dogs, brushing her teeth- and helping with daddy’s lunch. She knows2015-05-11 16.53.43 what should go in each container from his lunch box! She wants to help with everything!  2015-05-16 16.48.36

Evan is growing up so quickly! This week he started giving this super cute smile that is just like his daddy! He has still been eating a little bit of solid food each day. He has been giving me a bit of trouble during nursing time- but I think we are coming out of it! I was worried he might be trying to wean, so I hope this week will be better! He is still not crawling yet, although he scooches around pretty fast!

Praying the next week brings a lot more family time and maybe even some fun!

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