Unexpected Blessings

2015-05-10 17.50.04

Evan and Aimlee took thier first bath together- it was so cute!

This week turned out to be quite an interesting one! Some of the highlights included a shopping trip and Mother’s Day2015-05-07 11.37.52 celebrations.

We were pretty busy this week. One day we spent shopping with my cousin. It was really fun.  We went to two different malls. I had some “leftover” cash, and was able to get Starbucks (a real treat) and Aimlee got a new Elsa doll- that she loves!

Evan got another tooth this week- he was a bit crabby early in the week, but is sportin’ a super cute smile now- with TWO teeth!

My sweet Babe cat, of 17 years started showing signs of age and went to kitty heaven this week. My mom has been gracious enough to keep and spoil him for the past 4 years. So it was 2015-05-08 17.57.55difficult 2015-05-07 17.21.29on both of us- but we know he lived a great life!

We had a fun date night out with another couple this weekend. It was so nice to go enjoy a meal out and have a glass of wine!

Mother’s Day was a two day celebration this year! I went to a brunch on Saturday at Church with 2015-05-10 11.28.35my mom and Gram and heard a message “the Seasons of Motherhood”. Then Sunday, my mom and I took a painting class in the morning with donuts, strawberries and mimosas! Then went to Jason’s annual family BBQ- which of course was inside this year since it snowed like 8 inches!

Ready for the rainy (and snowy weather) to warm up a bit! We miss playing outside! Hoping this week brings warmer waether and some time to get needed things done!

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