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Grumpy Me!

This weekend I was pretty grumpy was a little loney because a new release came out for Jason’s video game. This means he’s played as many as 18 hours a day and almost every night until wee morning hours. At least he took a break for a ten minutes dinner. Lol! I’m glad I have two cuties to spend time with all the time.

I rejected an opportunity to do something that was outside of my comfort zone, but could have been really fun; and because of my nerves. I decided not to do it. Often times I take that as a sign from God, to not do something when I feel really uncomfortable about it, because He’s spoken to me many times that way. It would have  been an opportunity once a week to get out of the house and do something for me and even get a little bit of money for doing it, but decided it wasn’t worth it because  I was worried about being away from the kids, and missing out on something fun with my family. I rationalized its by saying it wasn’t enough money for the time it would take me- which is true. I have no choice, but to trust my initial instinct, since I was praying for God’s answer, but I do feel some amount of regret, that I am not brave enough- but at least my worry is gone!  I think I’ve lost a bit of myself after having kids. I love my family more than anything in the whole world. And my babies are so important to me. I just don’t feel like a ‘me’ sometimes.I feel like a mommy machine. All day, all night. I have so much respect for moms who work full time and our mommies too. I can’t imagine how hard that would be, to leave your kids all the time. I couldn’t even do it once a week. I feel so silly for complaining because I am so lucky that I don’t have to do that, it is a true blessing.

I am so thankful that the sun finally came out, I’m sure that a lot of my feeling blue this weekend was because of the rainy weather. A girl can only take so many gloomy days. I need some vitamin D! I’m hoping my I’m in a better mood this week! 🙂 


2015-05-16 13.18.02A lot of the past week was spent outside. We have been thankful for the morn2015-05-13 17.34.55ing sunshine and have stayed warm and cozy inside during the rainy afternoons. The theme for this week was trees! We worked on cutting down trees at my mom’s house one day and our house all weekend- and when I say “we” I really mean strong men, but the kids and I were there to help by watching and playing!

The highlight of the weekend was getting the kids a wagon! We haven’t had a lot of time to take the kids 2015-05-16 17.56.57around in it, hopefully the weather will warm up! They loved the little trip around the house we took though!

Aimlee is learning to be so independent! She is loving doing her daily chores- fee2015-05-17 15.02.21ding the dogs, brushing her teeth- and helping with daddy’s lunch. She knows2015-05-11 16.53.43 what should go in each container from his lunch box! She wants to help with everything!  2015-05-16 16.48.36

Evan is growing up so quickly! This week he started giving this super cute smile that is just like his daddy! He has still been eating a little bit of solid food each day. He has been giving me a bit of trouble during nursing time- but I think we are coming out of it! I was worried he might be trying to wean, so I hope this week will be better! He is still not crawling yet, although he scooches around pretty fast!

Praying the next week brings a lot more family time and maybe even some fun!

Unexpected Blessings

2015-05-10 17.50.04

Evan and Aimlee took thier first bath together- it was so cute!

This week turned out to be quite an interesting one! Some of the highlights included a shopping trip and Mother’s Day2015-05-07 11.37.52 celebrations.

We were pretty busy this week. One day we spent shopping with my cousin. It was really fun.  We went to two different malls. I had some “leftover” cash, and was able to get Starbucks (a real treat) and Aimlee got a new Elsa doll- that she loves!

Evan got another tooth this week- he was a bit crabby early in the week, but is sportin’ a super cute smile now- with TWO teeth!

My sweet Babe cat, of 17 years started showing signs of age and went to kitty heaven this week. My mom has been gracious enough to keep and spoil him for the past 4 years. So it was 2015-05-08 17.57.55difficult 2015-05-07 17.21.29on both of us- but we know he lived a great life!

We had a fun date night out with another couple this weekend. It was so nice to go enjoy a meal out and have a glass of wine!

Mother’s Day was a two day celebration this year! I went to a brunch on Saturday at Church with 2015-05-10 11.28.35my mom and Gram and heard a message “the Seasons of Motherhood”. Then Sunday, my mom and I took a painting class in the morning with donuts, strawberries and mimosas! Then went to Jason’s annual family BBQ- which of course was inside this year since it snowed like 8 inches!

Ready for the rainy (and snowy weather) to warm up a bit! We miss playing outside! Hoping this week brings warmer waether and some time to get needed things done!

April Showers…


As promised, here is my weekly post. This week was a good one-

IMG_2934nothing too exciting to report. We spent a lot time doing chores and crafts this week. We also took some Spring pictures of the kids in our yard. It has been super rainy the past couple days, but I don’t mind unless I have to go out!

I have had quite the little helper with everything I do! I have been trying to think of ways that this 2 ½ year old can learn while feeling like a participant. One of the best things she helped with this week was the dishes- my least favorite choIMG_2868re! and she ACTUALLY helped! She washed her cups and even helped put them away the next day! She also helps me empty the dishwasher (I take the silverware- so there is nothing sharp, and then she hands me everything else to put away)- it’s fantastic!  She also assisted with laundry, helping put the clothes into the washer and dryer. It makes chores a lot more fun, it sometimes takes a little longer, or an extra mess to clean up. but think of the lessons she is learning. Plus we sing together while we work! IMG_2879

2015-04-30 11.44.00We also did lots of painting this week! We worked on projects for each of the kids rooms, our living room and mother’s day. We experimented with hand and feet prints. I had a large canvas for Aimlee to paint on, while I was finishing up my project!

Evan has been eating 2015-05-02 22.41.05solid food everyday! He is almost up to one jar a day- this is quite exciting! Aimlee and Jason both took turns feeding him this week. We also gave him his lovey blanket for sleeping this week. We have a few good nights and a few “normal” nights, but he does seem to like lovey! He is so close to crawling. He keeps getting on his knees and rocking back and forth. That makeIMG_2894s me a little nervous. He’s gonna start to MOVE!

This weekend was some sort of important weekend for  Jason’s video games- so he played games practically every moment he wasn’t working in the garage. This gave me lots of special time with the kids, but we definatly missed him.

I have been trying to do a cardio workout every day during nap time. This is a challenge because some days, naps don’t always come at the same time. Especially since the 2 year old didn’t nap a few days last week. I don’t mind her playing in her crib, but when she puts her leg over the crib rail I get nervous she is going to know she can get out (we have a video monitor, so I can watch her)! So I rush upstairs to make sure she doesn’t. Quite the interruption during my workout. I still managed to do my cardio workout for 4 days last week which I was pleased with.

This week is Mother’s Day and I am enjoying preparing to celebrate our mothers! I love this time of year- beautiful Spring and summer’s coming!