An update:

I’ve decided that I would like to start writing a blog post every week.

sleepy snuggles

sleepy snuggles

Most weeks it will probably be about what events going on in our life.  This week, am super thankful to just be at home. We have had so many things going on the past couple weeks. Mostly still have some responsibility towards some family members that passed away the past couple months. This means a lot of cleaning up and moving stuff, mostly heavy and dirty stuff. Thank God for my husband- he really is such an amazing hard worker. I have been so thankful for all the hard work he has done and for the help he has given my family! Most days this past week he has been so tired- he is asleep before we can chat at bedtime. I was especially thankful for the rain yesterday. It forced him to slow down and have to be home for a while. He was still plenty busy working on projects that he brought home to do, but at least he was home!


It’s interesting to have had “extra” time at home since I lost my job. I feel like the hou20150414_121850se should be cleaner- but I have been caught up on laundry and dishes. Which feels great! I have enjoyed having a little helper- Aimlee loves to help with EVERYTHING! She helps with all meal preparation, dishes, laundry and her very special daily chore is feeding the dogs!  Here is Aimlee helping put laundry “away”.


Evan has had three major experiences the past couple weeks. He moved into his own room, in hopes that he would sleep better. He still wake up at least 3 times a night, but has as many as 7, which is a lot in one night! We are working on his 20150412_172620sleep training and I have been reading- from a book that a friend recommended when Aimlee was a baby. He has also started solids- we tried a couple months ago and he had tummy issues, so here we go again! So far, bananas and peaches are a win, but not so much with the avocado- we will try again soon. Also, last week he got a tooth!! His first one! He is growing up so much!

As for me, I am spending a lot of time loving being at home with my babies and being an actual “House Wife”. Of course I spend lots of time looking for jobs, but I could get used to this! Time to get my house stuff done and time to actually PLAY with my kids. I love being with them! I am trying to learn to spend many moments in each day focusing on each of them- something I actually need to do way more often. If I have learned anything in the past month, it is, even though there is so much responsibility in life- we need to always make time for fun. That is something I am learning to do daily! 20150419_193919


We watched the Country Music Awards! That was my favorite day of the week!  😀

That is a sum up of the past couple weeks! I am excited to see what this week holds!

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  1. I love the blogging once a week idea! I also struggle with what to write, but I think its important that we write down even our most mundane daily experiences with this little blessings – I can hardly remember what it was like when Jaylee or Jax had just come home, and I wish I’d journaled back then!

    You’re a rock star! And even using cloth diapers! Super mama!

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