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An update:

I’ve decided that I would like to start writing a blog post every week.

sleepy snuggles

sleepy snuggles

Most weeks it will probably be about what events going on in our life.  This week, am super thankful to just be at home. We have had so many things going on the past couple weeks. Mostly still have some responsibility towards some family members that passed away the past couple months. This means a lot of cleaning up and moving stuff, mostly heavy and dirty stuff. Thank God for my husband- he really is such an amazing hard worker. I have been so thankful for all the hard work he has done and for the help he has given my family! Most days this past week he has been so tired- he is asleep before we can chat at bedtime. I was especially thankful for the rain yesterday. It forced him to slow down and have to be home for a while. He was still plenty busy working on projects that he brought home to do, but at least he was home!


It’s interesting to have had “extra” time at home since I lost my job. I feel like the hou20150414_121850se should be cleaner- but I have been caught up on laundry and dishes. Which feels great! I have enjoyed having a little helper- Aimlee loves to help with EVERYTHING! She helps with all meal preparation, dishes, laundry and her very special daily chore is feeding the dogs!  Here is Aimlee helping put laundry “away”.


Evan has had three major experiences the past couple weeks. He moved into his own room, in hopes that he would sleep better. He still wake up at least 3 times a night, but has as many as 7, which is a lot in one night! We are working on his 20150412_172620sleep training and I have been reading- from a book that a friend recommended when Aimlee was a baby. He has also started solids- we tried a couple months ago and he had tummy issues, so here we go again! So far, bananas and peaches are a win, but not so much with the avocado- we will try again soon. Also, last week he got a tooth!! His first one! He is growing up so much!

As for me, I am spending a lot of time loving being at home with my babies and being an actual “House Wife”. Of course I spend lots of time looking for jobs, but I could get used to this! Time to get my house stuff done and time to actually PLAY with my kids. I love being with them! I am trying to learn to spend many moments in each day focusing on each of them- something I actually need to do way more often. If I have learned anything in the past month, it is, even though there is so much responsibility in life- we need to always make time for fun. That is something I am learning to do daily! 20150419_193919


We watched the Country Music Awards! That was my favorite day of the week!  😀

That is a sum up of the past couple weeks! I am excited to see what this week holds!

Moving forward and letting it all go…

I’ve told Jason for months that I was dreading March coming. It is one of my least favorite month- I’m not really sure why- except that we seem to always get sick during March. Which, if you know me, is a really, really big deal. I hate sickness and dread it with a big passion. Well, this has been the month to top them all off- now I know why I hate March so much (even though part of this spilled over into April). It all started on a Friday evening, when I learned that someone who I have known my whole life and was one of the main people in my life growing up- a parental figure, was killed in a motorcycle accident. This was shocking and pretty devastating. That same evening we were having out of town  company coming in to stay with us- which is something we haven’t done at all since being married, so that was quite new to us. That ended up being such a huge blessing as it acted as a distraction during the first few days of shock.  About a week later my daughter went to a birthday party and caught a really horrible stomach bug. I will probably never let my kids go to a birthday party again 😉 She was sick with throwing up for the first time in her life and it was horrible. She was so sick I had 20150331_103515to take her in to the doctor because she would not stop throwing up. This was not the 24 hour flu- this was the 6 day flu- where she was till throwing up at the funeral- that was a fun experience. The day she started feeling better from the stomach bug- her nose started to run, and she was sick for the next 4 days with a cold. Some of the days she was horribly miserable! She was final20150407_102533ly feeling better and guess what?! The baby got the cold for the first time in his life. This resulted in 5 nights of me sleeping downstairs with him, because he was so miserable.  During the same time, our water heater went out—and to top it all off- I lost my job that I have had working from home for the past two years. Yes, this was a horrible month. I was starting to lose hope and couldn’t even remember what normal felt like… until a few days ago. When God demonstrated, as he always does, that he really is always on my side and not against me. This served as a reminder to me- my verse for the new year…  God ‘s plans are to prosper my life, not to harm me. Even though things may seem hard- I need to remember God will not give me more then I can handle. Even though this last month has been horrible- I need to look at the bright side of things. I still have so much to be thankful for, but most importantly I am moving forward and letting all the hurt and struggle go…