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My 30 Before 30

I have about 7 months until my 30th birthday. It is hard to believe. I still think of someone in their 30s and say “wow- they’re old”. I decided instead of dreading the time counting down to my 30th birthday- I am going to celebrate it. I’ve made a list of 30 things that I want to accomplish before my 30th Birthday. In October, I will write a follow up on my progress of each of my 30 ventures.

  1. Lose 15 lbs
  2. Learn to Crochet
  3. New/additional job- that I like and that works for our family
  4. Paint something
  5. Try a new food
  6. Finish Aimlee’s Scrapbook and get caught up on Evan’s
  7. Write 5 handwritten letters
  8. Take a class
  9. Learn to cook something new
  10. Sing
  11. Do something charitable
  12. Do something different with my hair
  13. Wear something ridicules in public
  14. Host a party
  15. Do a Bible study
  16. Organize my pictures and scrapbooking stuff
  17. Do something outside my comfort zone
  18. Wear my good clothes (and get rid of my old ones)
  19. Enter a contest
  20. Do something special for my husband
  21. See a movie
  22. Visit my grandmother every week
  23. Plant something
  24. Go an entire month without spending any money (on anything other then bills, food and gas)
  25. Sell something
  26. Walk a couple times a week
  27. Have a girls days out
  28. Get messy
  29. Memorize 10 new Bible verses
  30. Celebrate!