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Today I actually lost my daughter!

Today, is the day that will change the way I parent- for the rest of my life! It was just like any normal day, except my mom was coming to visit. She was bringing over some supplies for a baking project I wanted to do. She had just arrived and we brought in the 1st load of items from her car. Evan was in the bouncy seat and Aimlee was watching us out the window, as she always does when we go outside for a minute. We brought in the second load and then decided to start unpacking the bags. All the sudden, we couldn’t find Aimlee. Oh no, did she go outside? I have always heard the squeaking of the screen door any time she tried to come outside when we were outside, in the past. I was sure I didn’t hear that. I started searching the house like crazy- no Aimlee. My mom checked outside- no Aimlee. I started to panic. Anytime I ever wondered where she was- she would always say “hi mommy” or “peek a boo”. I would have given anything to hear her voice! We searched and searched- I even ran down the street- no Aimlee- anywhere!! After calling Jason in a panic, I called 911. Something I hoped to never have to do! Yes, I lost my daughter! … She was last seen in a pink pajama onesie, hair in a ponytail. I frantically searched from room to room as my mom drove around the block- how far could she have gone? She had officially been missing for about 10 minutes- I was under the table seeing if she was on the chairs that were pushed in. I then heard something spill in the kitchen – I thought it was dog food- my first thought- how did Evan pull on that dog food bag? Nope IT WAS AIMLEE!!!!!!! I was soooo relieved- to say the least! Oh yeah,  the noise? It was skittles. This silly 2 year old had been hiding in our tiny little partry eating skittles- I think she is her daddy’s kid! The 911 operated was able to cancel the call- and I hugged the stuffings of her! Lesson learned- nope can’t leave her alone- we will next time take turns going in and out. Feeling so grateful today as God watched over my family and blessed us for the 100th time just this week.

Here she is cleaning up the skittles- no idea what had happened!

Here she is cleaning up the skittles- no idea what had happened!


Icky cold days- How to help with the Winter Blues

Am I the only one who suffers from Cabin Fever or who gets the Winter Blues from the dreary, cold weather?  The cloudy, snowy (yuck!) and just plain cold days really get me down sometimes! I do think that snow can be beautiful, like 2 times a year. When we are home all day to watch movies and drink hot chocolate and not have to drive or shovel! After Christmas, it just seems so silly for the snow and cold to continue- the holidays are over! Time for the rest of winter to hurry up so that Spring can arrive! I would skip the months of January- March (except for my friends birthdays and Valentine’s day, of course)  If it were up to me, it would be 85 degrees all year long! But, where I live, it gets pretty cold in the winter!  Last week it was -13 degrees- that is just way too cold for me, not to mention expensive for my heating bill! So I am starting to get Cabin Fever and some major Winter Blues!

So here are some things I do to help:

Get Outside!

Any day that it is sunny and at least 45 degrees (or even less with sunshine)- Go for a walk. Even if just for a quick walk around the block or play ball with the kids for a while. Fresh air and sunshine can do amazing things for our minds and attitudes! If it is too cold outside, but there is still sun, chase the sun around your house! Open the blinds and sit in the sun! Sunshine is a wonderful pick me up.


Want something yummy to drink?

Sometimes all we need is a yummy drink to make us feel better and less gloomy. I make a summer-y mocktail, that gets me in a wonderful mood. I use 100% pineapple juice and add crushed up maraschino cherries in it. YUM! Or maybe just a nice cup of marshmallow-y hot chocolate would do the trick.


Celebrate the season:

Have a winter themed party. Invite over some friends over for a cookie exchange or a chili cook off. Drink hot apple cider. Make winter crafts or snacks!


Be productive:

Make a list of all the projects you have been putting. Cold snowy days that you are home, are a perfect time to catch up on cleaning, organizing, crafts or trying new recipes.  Over Christmas break my hubby and I worked in four rooms in our house. My husband organized one room from top to bottom- it was fantastic.


Whatever you do on a gloomy day, make sure to find the joy that each day holds!