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New Year’s Resolution!

It’s hard to believe that it is the end of the year! I love New Year’s Eve- not just because there are fun parties but because there is so much anticipation of a new year. So much can happen in one year! It’s almost scary- for those of us with anxiety problems. A new year is, in a way, a blank canvas- jobs can change, family and housing situations can change, hopefully all for the better! I love the idea of New Year’s Resolutions- although I am not usually one to be so ambitious with a new workout routine or something at this time in the year  (I seem to get my motivation for self improvement  around April when the flowers start to bloom and the weather starts to get warmer).

A couple of years ago, at the end of the year 2011- I decided I wanted a word to represent my New Year in 2012. My hubby and I had been hoping a praying for a baby for some time, and were getting a little discouraged. So I decided that instead of feeling so discouraged- I was going to remember that it is by the Grace of God that anything happened in my life. I needed to remember that, I should be thankful for my job, my house, my husband, mother and so many wonderful family members! So my word was GRACE- and if God were to bless me with a child (or not) I would need to remember that it is by His Grace only! Less than 3 weeks later I found out that I was pregnant with my sweet daughter, Aimlee Grace (which is where her name came from). The past couple years, I wasn’t interested enough in a resolution to even remember what they were. But this year, I am!

This year, I am using a Bible verse as my theme of the year 2015. Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. This is my theme verse this year! I need to remember that God loves me and I am one of His children. He knows what is best for me- more then I know for myself. I often fear the Lord (which we are called to do- but I do it to the point where I forget His love too). I want to TRUST His will in my life- not to fear it, but to know and feel His love!

So, this year, I am going to focus on trust and stray from worrying when I am unsure. Worry is my go to- any time I do not know what will happen or what is best (which is A LOT)! Yes, Jason- please remind me of this! He often reminds me of how my worry affects my daily life and attitude.  I don’t want to be a worry wart! I want to trust that God has my best interest in mind. I believe through this I will find peace! I will work on,  not worrying- probably one deep breath at a time, since worry for me- brings nervous stomach aches. So this year—my focus is on God’s plan to prosper my life!

Ok, let the New Year’s festivities begin! 1505437_10202033612254783_1429638101_n