The Homemade Flu Kit


I get really nervous when it comes to puke and tummy bugs (or all sickness for that matter)! So having a toddler, I am constantly worried she will get a tummy ache and throw up, and there is not much a mommy can do to help. I know it is just part of life- but defiantly one of my least favorite parts of life.

I have come up with a way to help parents during that hard stage of your child’s life where they can’t tell you how they feel, or know what’s coming (if you know what I mean)…  😉 Plus, this way if they get sick in the middle of the night- you don’t have to scramble to find everything.

The Homemade Flu Kit for Home:

You need-

  • A container or box (big enough for everything)
  • Absorbent paper towels
  • Some old/absorbent bibs
  • A new bottle of Pediayte (with a long shelf life)
  • Chicken Soup
  • Saltine crackers
  • A few old towels
  • An extra thermometer (do not put your only one in here)
  • A couple hair ties for a girl
  • Grocery Bags (for the trash cans or for dirty paper towels)


The bibs are to help you not have to change clothes as much, so use old bibs that can be stained. The towels can be used to lay over our laps during snuggle time, over sheets in bed, over the floor or chairs. Paper towels are to help clean up messes.

This can easily be adjusted for adults by using Gatorade, soups, crackers and box of Jell-O)

Put all this in a box and store in your pantry or closet and you will be thankful next time you have a sick kiddo.


The On the Go Kit (for the car- since kids get sick at the worst times)20141120_140912

You need:

  • A small bucket (for puke) 😛
  • Grocery bags (for puke, and yucky bibs)
  • Open roll of paper towels
  • Bibs (to help keep clothes clean)
  • old towel (to keep lap and car seat clean)

Store under your car seat so you’re always prepared.