Dinner menu


My first “good ideas” blog will be a quick way to make life a little easier. Dinner time for our family has always been a struggle, when it comes to deciding on what to have. My husband and I got so sick of the conversation,  “what do you want for dinner?”, “I don’t care, what do you want?”, “what do we have?”- so I decided to do something about it.


I made a menu for two week planning. This is something we do before putting in the order for our groceries (we do Walmart delivery). We see what we already have,  what we need to make meals (bread, or meat or whatever), then fill in the other days with what we want to have. Then shop accordingly. We go over our calendar and mark if we are going out or are having company. This has helped us make better shopping choices,  helped us use the food we have, and save us the drama of dinner deciding.


I just used a piece of scrapbook paper, printed off some labels of food choices. Make sure to make as many as you will need for 2 weeks or however long you are making your menu for.  For example,  we eat bacon and eggs 2 times a week, so I need 4 labels for that. I used clothes pins and wrote the days of the week × 2. Then used another piece of paper to make a pocket for the extra food labels.


This has helped us so much, but most importantly we don’t have the food conversation anymore 😉