My first Blog and intro

So, here is my very first blog. I’m so excited! It will be fun to have a place to organize my thoughts and share fun ideas!

So here’s a little more to my story. As a mommy to TWO babies now, life is so different.  With one 2 year old (crazy 2s) and one 2 month old, we stay busy.  Sometimes I feel like one of those craaazzzzyyy women,  in a bathrobe all day, ready to pull my hair out. Other days, it’s like “this is great and so fun” 🙂  it probably just depends on what else I have going that day. I work from home right now,  which has been such a blessing,  so I can be at home with my little sweeties, but on my busy days at work. We have on a lot of little kid shows. Luckily,  I’ve been working from home since she was a month a half, so she is pretty good about entertaining herself during working time.  I just pray each day, that this opportunity continues. My hubby is one of the hardest working people I know, but even with him working 50 hours a week we can’t quite make it on his salary yet.  Although,  that is one of our many goals. We have a lot of financial dreams,  but I will visit those at a later time. God has allowed us the opportunity to own our home, a huge blessing, and lots of hard work. Thank you husband!  🙂 We own 2 dogs, they are super cute,  but some days I wish we had 0 dogs. Lol! It’s just a little crazy with them right now with the kids being so small. I’m sure they will be able to play with them soon enough.  We also stay busy with our two big families, but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

I hope to learn to cook (I would love to be a GOOD cook someday). My husband says “you’re good at baking” when I complain about my food and we eat chicken  jerky for dinner. Lol! I want to always make good financial choices, we do pretty good, thanks to Dave Ramsey ‘s steps.  We just want to move a little quicker than we are down the list to financial freedom! I hope blogging will give me a new since of self,  that I seem to have lost,  during the past couple years, as my identity changed from woman and wife to “MOMMY”!! 😉


Ok, now on to Monday… it’s gonna be a busy week. 😉